Latest first aid and health and safety news

Manual Handling Training Course

Understand the health and safety risks in the warehousing, distribution and logistics industry and the moving and handling and first aids needs of staff.... more

Lone Worker First Aid for Heart Attacks

Anyone can be an advocate for promoting positive change and ensuring your workplace is fully equipped for first aid is the ideal place to start. Check out our list of five new year's resolutions and fully equip your workforce for the new year.... more

Unresponsive First Aid Case Study: Gemma and Rob

When Gemma's grandad collapsed in a bathroom during Christmas, Gemma acted quickly and gave life-saving chest compressions.... more

Lone Worker First Aid for Heavy Bleed

First aid is about having the confidence and knowledge to help others - but a large percentage of the UK workforce are lone workers. What happens when they need first aid?... more

workplace first aid arm injury

The winter months often result in an increase of accidents in the workplace. Make sure you and your team are prepared for a winter workplace accident, by keeping your first aid skills up to date.... more

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